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✋ATTN: Life Insurance Agents

My name is Darius D. Stover. Thanks for making it this far. 😇 I own an insurance agency focused on helping Veterans and their families. I’m also a Veteran. I retired after 20 years of service. We have a targeted audience, with a nationwide reach. I generate all of our leads. No outside lead vendors, so I know the quality of the lead first hand. 

My ELITE Partners (Agents) write more sales in 1 week than most agents write all month.
I want to Partner with you to represent and distribute our revolutionary final expense insurance product to the expanding Veteran senior market from the comfort of your HOME. The time has never been better to start selling final expense insurance. The market has seen unprecedented growth and projections indicate this will continue for years to come.
The simplicity of the product makes it easy for anyone to sell. Because the policies are smaller in value (usually no more than $10,000 – $15,000), the underwriting process takes days – not weeks.
Here's an amazing statistic for you:
Roughly 10,000 Baby Boomers turned 65 today and 10,000 more will cross that threshold everyday for the next 19 years. That's more than 69 million people. 😮
Technology has made it extremely easy to reach them. 😇
👉Do you have a repeatable sales system in place that allows you to work from anywhere in the world?
👉Sick and tired of being “fooled and tricked” into purchasing year old or already worked leads?
👉It's time to begin controlling your profits and increasing your bottom line with my amazing platform, The Virtual Super Agent Call Center.
👉Our agents are writing $15,000-$50,000 of placed business each month.
Here’s why you should consider partnering with us:
1) ☑️Seniors are feeling vulnerable because they’re the ones most affected by this nasty, once in a lifetime virus. As a result, we have written an unprecedented amount of final expense life insurance sales.
2) ☑️Seniors are home and are picking up the phone.
3) ☑️Most of our prospects are on a fixed income backed by the government. An economic situation doesn’t affect this group, which means a recession proof business for you!
Bottom line: This niche is full of aging Veteran baby boomers and they all have a need to cover their final expenses.
👉You can work from anywhere in the world, helping Seniors who have expressed an interest in final expense life insurance. No more door-knocking. Zero cold-calling.
How are we doing it? It’s simple...
👉We utilize the top sales training system in the world to actually teach you HOW  to sell.
👉Our highly-trained openers do the heavy lifting and transfer ready-to-buy prospects straight to you.
👉 We generate hundreds of super niched, proprietary, high intent leads every day.
👉Our award winning presentation was crafted to get you paid.
👉Our referral system is unlike any in the industry.
👉We've partnered with a world-class funeral planning service.
👉Our conservation team is dedicated to keeping your business on the books while you focus on new sales.
👉Our very own state of the art fulfillment center mails each and every one of your new clients a welcome package, further solidifying your sale.
Click "Learn More" to see if you qualify to work with us.
👉P.S. We only have a limited number of openings for our virtual call center platform. Don’t miss out.

Our reputation speaks for itself!

We recently hosted our TSG agency trip in beautiful Naples,Fl.  Check us out! 

Yes, we work hard, but 

we also play hard!

If you want to be a part of a great working and supportive environment and also learn how to create a legacy for your family, from anywhere in the world, Click “Learn More” to get started.

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